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              DPR Product Directory

              Welcome to your sustainable product selection tool, a resource built to support responsible material selection through the entire life cycle of the project, from design to close.

              Get Started

              1. The earlier on you can integrate this resource into your project, the more time it can save you. By using the filters in the left hand navigation, you can sort for products with specific certifications or ones that comply with Rating Systems such as LEED, WELL, LBC and Green Globes.

              2. Designers - Share this resource with your Architect and Designers and have them use it to choose materials that fit your project goals. This will reduce the risk associated with product selection and ensure that all products being used are both compliant, and have the documentation to back it up.

              3. Trade Partners - You can also share the platform with your trade partners and recommend that they try to use the tool to find their materials.

              4. Project Engineers - If the project has already entered the procurement phase, use this platform as a resource to locate the documentation for the products that have already been specified.

              If you notice there are additional products not displayed, feel free to reach out to support@ecomedes.com and connect us with the manufacturers, we can work with them to get their products on the platform.