SageGlass SageGlass Green 1" DGU

Building Finishes, Construction Materials, Doors and Windows
Architectural Glass, Glazing, Smart Glass, Special Function Glazing, Special Windows, Switchable Glass

SageGlass Green is a variant of the smart tinting SageGlass, with a green hue, that adds color to your landmark design. SageGlass is a glazing solution with dynamically changing tint in response to the sun. This enhances occupant comfort and wellbeing- with more natural light, minimal glare and access to views. SageGlass also provides increased design freedom to the architect as well as helps to achieve green labels, helping the environment while being cost efficient.

IGU Configuration: 6mm Azuria, 0.89mm SentryGlas®, 2.2mm AN w/Sageglass EC, 10.2mm cavity argon filled, 6mm Clear

  • General

    3-Part SpecificationsYes
    3-Part Specifications URL
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    Contact NameMaure Creager
    Contact Phone1-877-724-3321
    Contact TitleProduct Manager: Glass, Coatings Framing
    Daylighting ComponentYes
    GSA Contact
    GSA Contact NameMaure Creager
    GSA Contact Phone1-877-724-3321
    GSA Contact TitleProduct Manager: Glass, Coatings Framing
    Manufacturing Location Zip Code(s)55021
    Manufacturing Location(s)Faribault, MN, USA
    MasterFormat® Number08 80 00
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    Recyclable packaging100%
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    TypeArchitectural Glass, Exterior Glazing, Smart Glass
  • Certifications and Standards

    CDPH Standard Method V1.2-2017Yes
    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    Product Specific EPD (4789086899.101.1)

    Certified by UL Environment

    valid until 2025-01-01

    GRI Sustainability ReportYes
    Health Product Declaration (HPD)
    32018 (version 2.3)

    valid 2023-04-04 to 2026-04-04

    Life Cycle AssessmentYes
    Living Building Challenge Declare®
  • Energy

    Reduce Energy DemandYes
    Reduces Solar Heat GainYes
    Thermal Comfort (Product may Contribute)Y
    U-Value (btu/hr-ft2-F)0.3
  • Human Health

    Electrochromic glassy
  • Planet Health

    Embodied Carbon (Cradle to Gate) - GWP (kgCO2e)5.12E-02 kgCO2 eq
    Embodied Carbon (Cradle to Gate) w/RECs3.44E-02 kgCO2 eq
    Embodied Carbon Documentation
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  • Performance

    Glass Performance data sheet URL
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    Light Reflectance exterior range %Rf Ext. (High to Low)8% - 5%
    Light Reflectance interior range %Rb Int. (High to Low)11% - 9%
    Light-to-solar gain (LSG)5
    Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (dB)28
    Solar Heat Gain Coefficient range (High to Low)0.27 - 0.10
    Sound Transmission Class (dB)33
    U-Value (btu/hr-ft2-F)0.3
    Visible Transmittance Range (High to Low)49% - <1%

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